Jobs for Women in Fort McMurray

Jobs for Women in Fort McMurray

Working in Fort McMurray is not just for men! There are great opportunities out there for women in this bustling northern Alberta town!

In the media, Fort McMurray is predominantly portrayed as being a town with labour jobs for men. While Fort Mac does have great jobs for men in trades and other industries, the opportunities for women are growing every day. Many energy companies have set goals to increase the diversity of their workforce in the area. They are opening new jobs and positions geared towards women frequently and this trend is only expected to increase in the future.

What types of jobs are available for women in Fort McMurray?

The jobs available for women in Fort McMurray are not limited to restaurants and retail stores. There are many labour and trades jobs available as well. No matter your skill set, expertise, interests or preferences, there is sure to be an ideal job opportunity for you.

A recent article from the Edmonton Journal depicts one woman’s story of career success in Fort McMurray. Jenine Murphy began her career in an entry-level position as a field surveyor. Quickly, Jenine was able to advance to a supervisory role. After two years of hard work in Fort Mac, Jenine had been given the position as safety co-coordinator at her company. Jenine’s hard work is earning her over $150,000 a year, more than twice what she could be making back home in Newfoundland. Jenine says “There is just so much opportunity here and if you have drive and you’re willing to work, you can just go so far.”

Jenine’s success should give women confidence in their ability to find high quality work and achieve success in Fort Mac. With today’s job market in Canada, women should be looking in many different places for opportunities that could provide quick career advancement. One of these places is Fort McMurray! As of 2012 the census in Wood Buffalo, the jurisdiction Fort McMurray is a part of, depicted that the population is 43% women and 57% men. Women are a large part of the Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo economy, and their presence in the workforce will only become stronger.

Find jobs for women in Fort McMurray!

At Fort we want to help women jump start their careers in the workforce. Below we have selected some of the most recent jobs geared towards women in Fort McMurray, but you can find a broader range of jobs on our job listings page. Find a job you like and apply online today!

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