Camp Jobs in Fort McMurray

Camp Jobs in Fort McMurray 2014

Summer 2014 is fast approaching and many university students are finished their Spring 2014 semester at school. Many of these students are looking for viable work while they are on break from school. Fort McMurray has become a popular place for young Canadians to look for work during this break. It offers high paying temporary positions during the summer months in Canada.

The most popular type of jobs Canadians have been searching for are “camp jobs”. If you don’t know what camp jobs are, we’ve done our best to define them here, provide some “camp job” opportunities in Fort McMurray, Alberta this Summer, and enough information for you to make some good employment decisions.

What is a camp job?

Camp jobs are typically different from regular jobs because the company provides a place to live during the work period. Typically, the living quarters are “camp-like”, hence why they’re called camp jobs. Camp jobs can be great opportunities because an employee doesn’t have to look for a place to live in a new city. In a town like Fort McMurray, where rent proves to be very expensive, camp jobs are a great option for many young workers.

What companies offer camp jobs?

More companies in Fort McMurray have been offering camp jobs in recent years. With the oil industry being the dominant industry in the area, the majority of camp jobs are offered by oil companies.