Got a job in Fort McMurray and unsure where to live? To give you a hand, we’ve compiled some information about different Fort McMurray neighbourhoods and also life at camp.

One of the main attractions in this area is a clear view of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

Fort McMurray Neighbourhoods

Abasand Heights

Proximity: Abasand Heights is a nice little neighbourhood on the south side of Fort McMurray. The northern boundary is created by the Athabasca River. Abasand Heights is north of the Beacon Hill community on the west side of Highway 63. Abbotswood Drive and Abasand Drive lead into the community. A bridge is provided over the highway to by-pass traffic.

Schools: The Father Beauregard School and Ecole Boreale are located in the centre of the neighborhood. The school area is complete with a running track, rugby field, playground, ice rink, and soccer field and tennis courts. Two additional playgrounds, a picnic area and skateboarding park are also inside the neighbourhood. A natural walking path runs along the outside of the area. A water play park is just to the southeast. Hiking paths are available through the exterior forest and lead to small branches of the Athabasca River.

Malls: The Abasand Mall is located on Athabasca Avenue. Residents also have easy access to Lower Townsite – Fort McMurray, just across the highway, for additional dining, entertainment and shopping needs. Residents can travel south to the Beacon Hill area for more shopping and dining. The Frank Lacroix Arena is located in the centre of this community. Following the highway further south brings residents to the MacKenzie Industrial Park and regional airport access road.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is a residential neighborhood just southwest of Fort McMurray in the Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada. In 2010, the Municipality’s population was 104,000. Access into the community is available on Beacon Hill Drive, the main road, from Highway 63.

The main road circles the neighbourhood and provides access to many quiet cul-de-sacs. Residents will find sales and rental opportunities, single and multi-family homes all provide off-street parking.

Two schools are located in the center of the neighbourhood, the Beacon Hill School and Good Shepard School; both are elementary level. Residents can enjoy the playground, soccer field and ball diamond. The Frank Lacroix Arena is in the same park location with additional playgrounds and tennis courts. Composite High School is 2.0 kilometers north in the downtown area.

Several small convenience stores line the road into the Beacon Hill neighborhood. Residents will find all of their shopping and dining needs easily met in the downtown area of Fort McMurray that includes four malls. Public transportation is available in the centre. To the southeast of the community, residents will find several hotels and the Mackenzie Industrial Park. A regional airport is nearby for travelers.

Located south of Fort McMurray lies Gregoire. This quiet hamlet lies within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Resident here have a 30 km commute to Fort McMurray as well as close proximity to Anzac and several of the Oil sands projects. About 250 people call this serene setting home.

While it has the feel of a hamlet, Gregoire provides residents a short commute to Fort McMurray and the businesses and conveniences there.

Industrial Hub of Fort McMurray.  Quick access to Hwy 63 south of Fort McMurray. Home of the Oil Sands Discovery Center.
Elementary schools, high schools and post secondary. Close to oil sands projects.
Lower Townsite
Thickwood Heights

The Timberlea neighbourhood is the largest residential section of the Municipality of Wood Buffalo and Fort McMurray area of Alberta, Canada. The municipal area had a population of 104,000 in June of 2010. The community covers a large section to the north of Birchwood Trails and Wood Buffalo. The beautiful neighborhood is surrounded by forest and open spaces for residents to enjoy. Several ponds are included in the development.

While residents will find plenty of shopping opportunities in the downtown section, small restaurants, stores and shopping centre’s are located inside the community. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police station is on Paquette Drive off Confederation Way, one of the main routes through the community. A High School is located just across the street. More recreational opportunities can be found at MacDonald Island, just across the Athabasca River.

The main highway, Highway 63, runs north and south, just east of Timberlea providing residents with easy access to the downtown area, industrial park and regional airport to the south. The Athabasca River flows east of the highway; a bridge provides access to the southern sections of the municipality.


Original townsite of Fort McMurray.  Close proximity to downtown.  Predominantly single family housing with a small portion of multifamily housing and the addition of a mobile home park.

Waterways is a neighborhood in the Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta. Canada. It sits on the west bank of the Clearwater River, just south of where the Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers meet.

Residents here enjoy easy access to river and water recreation as well as a 5 minute drive to other local recreation. They can choose from many home options and lifestyles in this historic neighborhood that was once the northernmost point in the railroad grid in North America.